Patch 9.24


Greetings readers!!!

My apologies that I haven’t been active too much on the blog. This month will be rough but will plan to fully update the Tier S and A lists by end of this weekend with a ton of samples, mostly from KR Challenger scenes.


Many buffs and necessary nerfs plus, a brand new champion: Aphelios!!!

He’ll likely get the new champion treatment aka high rate ban but once hype goes away, he’ll be playing a lot more towards competitive & ranked matches.


All set aside, I would like to say something:

I just wanted to say thank you SOO much all of you for visiting my blogs. Whether you’re a first time visitor or regular visitors, thank you soo much for dropping by! At some point in this year, I was seriously considering to drop the League blog altogether but after receiving some heartwarming support, I’ve decided to continue my blog and try my best to become a better blogger and a gamer.

Thank you all so much!

See you soon~