Update August 28th, 2022: Available to coach. Still, I can give out tips and coaching that via Discord. Feel free to drop by our Official Discord: and let me know if you need any help with Warcraft III, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, or Mental coaching.
Now available: Korean Language Lessons.


Hi there! I’ve been teaching/coaching games for over a decade and have high-level game knowledge in 3 different games. If you’re serious and looking to improve in a league of legends, please message me at Youki @ NA Server or email me at Ready to accept criticism, but in the long run, you will see an improvement. My teaching methods are more than just game plays. It also includes Mental Strength, Self-Improving, and Attitude Adjustment. Have a few players getting excellent results, but that’s only if you’re willing to work up for it. I will put 100% on you once the coaching process begins. If you plan to half-ass it, I don’t recommend my coaching.

I work full time and run businesses, but I will also put total effort into you. I take all my work very seriously.


  1. 13 years of a game coach (Since 2006 from Warcraft 3)
  2. WC3 Semi-Pro. Participated in WC3L as a sub for few times (Equivalent of LCS/LEC) & Challenger qualifiers
  3. Top 5 ranked WorldCyberGaming NA 2006 Summer (Before taken over by bots)
  4. Managed Challenger/Grandmaster/Pro Team in WC3
  5. StarCraft 2: Challenger series Summer 2013 (ESL)
  6. StarCraft 2: Challenger 1v1 Ranked Summer 2013
  7. Starcraft 2: Top 10 Rank WORLD in 2vs2 3vs3 and 4vs4 2012 Spring ~ Fall (All High Master+ rank)
  8. 5 years of Soccer/football coach for university & individual tutor
  9. 2 years of international student leadership
  10. Available in Korean and English
  11. Coached & Managed Masters tier and High-Mid Diamond amateur teams in League of Legends


  1. Bronze to Diamond in League of Legends | 4 Months
  2. Silver to Platinum for 3vs3 Twisted Treeline | 1 Season
  3. Bronze (Stuck in Bronze for 4 years) to Masters SC2 in one season | 3 Months
  4. Bronze to Gold in League of Legends  | 3 1/2 months
  5. Hard stuck level 25 (High Gold Rank) with 2k+ games played into level 40+ (Challenger Rank) on Warcraft III: TFT 1vs1 Ladder | 6 Months
  6. 500 Games played Bronze IV to Silver I within 100 games. Season 8 | 3 Months
  7. Low Gold for 2 seasons to Platinum | 6 Months

Current options:

  • $15 USD Per game via Screen Share (Discord) Step by Step in Game.
  • $25 USD Per Replay (Full analysis and details at your service!)(Make sure to have replays below 40 minutes and not 1+ hr replays;-; Pretty please~)
  • Korean Language Lessons: $50 per hour.
  • Can also negotiate the coaching options.

Interested? Reach me by my discord at Youki#0001 or email:

Thank you