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Greetings readers, it has been a while.. Over a month actually…way too long ūüė¶ But I am fully ignited and back in action! Thank you for the waits! I will be opening coaching sessions again with every 3-4 day LoL Top Tier list updates! Patch…

Patch 10.13

Greetings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am terribly sorry that I’ve missed Patch 10.9 full info. However there weren’t too many changes but this patch, the meta will likely shift a bit but still won’t be as much. Ton of buffs, Ton of nerfs. Am very excited to analyze…

Patch 10.10

Hi readers! I’m very sorry for the late update! The past few days have been hectic. Trying to fix life, schedules, and all that :(. It’s been 4 days since I logged into my PC/Laptop! The LoL Top Tier List will be fully updated by…

Patch 10.8

Ahoy!!! Patch 10.7 LoL Tier lists have been fully updated and ready to go! Patch note:¬† I hope you guys are doing alright in these tough times. Covid19 is a serious virus and should be taken seriously for everybody. Stay home, play more games, and…

Patch 10.7

Greetings!!! Patch 10.5 is out since yesterday! The pick and bans will be updated by Saturday evening. Few hidden OP for this patch is coming in for an example: Kalista top, Wukong mid, etc! Patch note:¬† Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently! –Youki

Patch 10.5

Greetings readers! Patch 10.4 is officially released tomorrow morning! Super excited for the changes and expecting a whole new meta shift coming in as they’re buffing champs to fit in different roles and nerfing the necessary such as Soraka Top/mid/adc versatility. Patch note:¬† As always,…

Patch 10.4!!!

Ahoy! Patch 10.3 is out and the Cheat Sheets will be fully updated within an hour from this post! Link:¬†   See you soon!   P.S. Thank you for all the recent feedback and suggestions! ^_^!! –Youki

Patch 10.3!

So sorry for the late post >.<!!! It’s been a rough week .-. However, the good news is that The Cheat Sheets are fully updated and ready to go! Link:¬† Link to CheatSheet:¬†   See you soon! –Youki

Patch 10.2