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Hi readers! Sorry that I haven’t been able to update the latest Top Tier Lists. The patch 9.8 full details will be out by Sunday Evening. Link:

Patch 9.8

Hi readers! Patch 9.7 has been released today! Link: A ton of buff and some necessary nerfs. Champion Tier S and A will be fully updated by Thursday evening! See you soon~ –Youki

Patch 9.7

Greetings~! Patch 9.6 is here and ton of buffs, small nerfs, and some adjustments. Link: Top S and A tier will be up by either tonight or tomorrow evening. Happy Gaming! –Youki

Patch 9.6

HIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!! Patch 9.5 is live today~! The Top 10 Tier S and A will be fully updated by Thursday Evening. See you soon! –Youki

Patch 9.5

Good afternoon gamers! Today I’ve decided to drop the coaching price to $30 to $10! Any questions please reach me by my discord: Youki#5372 or email: Thank you! –Youki

Coaching Update

Good evening! It hasn’t been a while since patch 9.3 went live but this new patch will bring a lot of fun times! Full information here: Oh and Kayle and Morg rework on Patch 9.5! Woohoo~ Top S and A tier will be up by…

Patch 9.4

Oui! Patch 9.3 is going to be HUGEEEE change! Mostly Crit items and the champions who will be affected by it. It should take me 1-2 days to have the S and A tier list updated fully ^_^. Link: Happy Gaming~ -Youki

Patch 9.3

Greetings readers! I want to let you know that there will be dramatic changes going on for Top 10 Pick and Ban lists. The changes will contain both S And A tier list for each role! Would recommend to give me feedbacks about the new…

Change is good!

Greetings readers!!! TODAY IS THE DAY! THE OFFICIAL SEASON 9 DATE! We hope you’re all excited and ready to go! Ton of nerfs and some buffs. Top 10 SoloQ Cheat Sheet will be done and ready by Saturday evening! Happy Gaming~ –Youki

Patch 9.2 & SEASON 9!