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Greetings! Patch 9.18 is out today! Also finished up the Tier S and A list! Will be updated if I see any other OP list. I will be going through top soloq ranks in both EU and KR in the next few days. See you…

Patch 9.18

Wow! The patches are coming in every 2 weeks! It’s probably because of Worlds is coming up soon after the gauntlet/playoffs! Full Tier S and A champion list will be updated by tomorrow night! A bit earlier than my liking but I will be taking…

Patch 9.17

Ello! Sorry about the last patch. It has been a tough 2 weeks :(. The Tier List was not fully updated and I sincerely apologize to my readers. This time the Top tier lists will be fully updated by Thursday evening! See you soon! –Youki

Patch 9.16

Already!? Greetings!!! Patch 9.15 will be released tomorrow: Mostly buffs and some nerfs Tier S and A will be fully updated by Saturday/Sunday! See you soon! –Youki  

Patch 9.15

Greetings readers! Tier S and A list have been fully updated. Sorry for uploading a bit later than usual. Lot of stuff have happened in the past few days >_<! But I’m back and everything should be back to normal. TFT Tier list will be…

Tier S and A list

Yup! The hype is here! Open Beta tomorrow morning! I haven’t had chance to play a single game of TFT. Will be adding ton of strategies and more about TeamFight Tactics in the next few days or even weeks! Love strategy games and happy for…

TeamFight Tactics

My apologies that I could not update the patch 9.12 Top 10 Cheat Sheets. 9.13 will be updated by end of the week! Link: See you soon! –Youki


Ahoy readers! Patch 9.10 came out two days ago and guess what?! YUUMI is now available!!! However she’s the ONLY champion that’s been released and have below 30% win rate in the first two days. For this patch, she will be NOT listed on the…

Patch 9.10

Hi readers! Sorry for the late update but the top tier list 9.9 is fully updated and will be updated around mid-week of next week! Link: See you again readers! –Youki

Patch 9.9