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Greetings!!! Patch 10.5 is out since yesterday! The pick and bans will be updated by Saturday evening. Few hidden OP for this patch is coming in for an example: Kalista top, Wukong mid, etc! Patch note: Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently! –Youki

Patch 10.5

Greetings readers! Patch 10.4 is officially released tomorrow morning! Super excited for the changes and expecting a whole new meta shift coming in as they’re buffing champs to fit in different roles and nerfing the necessary such as Soraka Top/mid/adc versatility. Patch note: As always,…

Patch 10.4!!!

Ahoy! Patch 10.3 is out and the Cheat Sheets will be fully updated within an hour from this post! Link:   See you soon!   P.S. Thank you for all the recent feedback and suggestions! ^_^!! –Youki

Patch 10.3!

So sorry for the late post >.<!!! It’s been a rough week .-. However, the good news is that The Cheat Sheets are fully updated and ready to go! Link: Link to CheatSheet:   See you soon! –Youki

Patch 10.2

Hello!!!!!!!! It’s the new season!! A new decade, a new era! I hope your 2020 Gaming goes best as you want! The LoL Top Tier Lists will be fully updated by this Sunday. Patch note: TFT Patch: See you good and good luck summoners! -Youki

Season 10 and patch 10.1

Greetings readers! Patch note: Sorry I haven’t had done much lately. It’s been a busy month and will likely continue to do so. I’ll be taking a small break but will be back in mid to late January with a full new update! Merry Christmas…

Patch 9.24b

Greetings readers!!! My apologies that I haven’t been active too much on the blog. This month will be rough but will plan to fully update the Tier S and A lists by end of this weekend with a ton of samples, mostly from KR Challenger…

Patch 9.24

Ahoy fellas! Sorry, I could not post yesterday :(. However, today is the day! The big patch, the beginning of the  Pre-season 10 patch! Link: The patch contains numerous changes. No hero changes due to maps getting changed around. Some champions like Kayle/Ezreal that heavily…

Patch 9.23 Pre-Season Patch

Greetings! Patch 9.22 and the TFT 9.22 is out officially today! Ton of necessary nerf and small buffs! Senna is coming out too next week! It’s going to be exciting!!! Link: Top Tier List will be fully updated by Thursday! See you soon~ –Youki  

Patch 9.22