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Hi readers! Sorry patch 8.5 full info hasn’t been released on my blog yet. There have been personal life I got to take care of first. Everything should be resolved by tonight or tomorrow night. Sorry again for the inconvenient. ❤ –Youki

Patch 8.5…

  Greetings readers! It’s a wonderful friday and I hope you all enjoy your day. –Youki

Song of the Week #8

Get you all pumped up and ready to take on whatever’s front of you. Have a wonderful day~ –Youki

Song of the Week #7

Greetings readers! Patch 8.1 is here tomorrow yay! Some super buffs, nerfs and adjustments. Can’t wait to mess with it. The Top Tier List will be updated by end of the week with a 8.1 patch enabled! Have a wonderful evening~ –Youki

Patch 8.1

Interesting end of 2017 view. Happy New Years Viewers Hope 2018 is better than 2017! 🎉🎊  

Half cloud sky day

Greetings readers! I usually stream 5-6 days a week on twitch (LINK) but it’s holiday week and due to my busy work schedule, I won’t be able to stream until the 26th or 27th. It always has been like this every year around this time,…

My Twitch Stream Announcement for this week and next week