All About League of Legends!

Greetings! This seasons been a clown fiesta constant crazy patching. But that’s okay because that’s what makes it fun! The top pick and ban will be updated by this Thursday or Friday! Patch link: Dis gon be gooood!! See you then~ –Youki

Patch 8.12

Yo yo yo!!! I have created a team called DoV eSports while back and we are participating in the gold and below league called dokidokiesports. We recently have made it into the finals after taking down our opposition plus former starting midlaner. FeelsGoodMan 😀 A…

DoV eSports

Greetings!!! Patch 8.10 (Link: is out today and looks like there’s another big changes. This time, jungle took it’s most effect on it and it’ll be interesting to see how it’ll turn out. TL;DR and Top Pick and Bans will be updated by Friday –…

Patch 8.10

Greetings readers! Patch 8.9 full info will be up by thursday evening or friday morning! Been busy and changing lots of new stuff for my personal life and gaming life as well ^_^ See you soon~ –Youki

Patch 8.9

Hello my wonderful viewers! will be moving into different server that will both help me and the viewers together for much better experience in the future. The site URL will remain the same ^_^. It will happen randomly this month or next month so…

New site?!

WOO WEEEEEE!! Patch 8.8 Link: is here and I can’t be more excited than this! Lots of changes, few buffs, and mostly nerfs. Top 10 Pick and Ban Cheat Sheet will be updated within this friday. See you soon and happy gaming! –Youki

Patch 8.8