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Lucky, the first day you came into our place, you were just two years old. You’ve always loved everybody but always followed me and asked for a belly rub. You have never shown a negative side once, even during the ill phase, you always show…

Rest in Peace Lucky 7/6/04 – 11/3/18

Hey guys! Sorry, there won’t be Patch 8.22 update. It’s mostly similar to 8.21 and season 8 has ended just now so there will not be a new patch information until the Pre-season 9 begins (8.23). Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. –Youki

Patch 8.22

Oui~ Oh look what we have here, another patch has been implemented yesterday. Sorry I’ve been not able to keep the Top 10 Cheat Sheets as much recently. I’ve also stopped streaming as well due to IRL stuff. >.<! Anyways the Top 10 Cheat Sheet…

Patch 8.21

Hi readers! I’m very sorry I haven’t been able to keep things up with the Top 10 Cheat Sheet. I don’t like sharing my personal life experience but thought I’d want to share with you all that in the past 2 weeks, my dog have…

Patch 8.20 and more…

Hoi Hoi! Patch 8.19 is releasing tomorrow with ton of buffs! Will have Top 10 Cheat Sheet up by Thursday evening. Have a wonderful Tuesday to you all~ Patch link: –Youki

Patch 8.19

Ahoy lads n lass’ Can’t believe there’s another new patch in so quickly but same time understandable since Worlds is coming up within less than a month. Link to the patch: Top pick and ban cheat sheets will be uploaded by Thursday evening. See you…

Patch 8.18

Oui! Patch 8.17 is coming! The top 10 pick and ban list will be updated by Thursday evening. Link to the patch: See you soon~ –Youki

Patch 8.17

Greetings readers! Coaching section have been fully updated! Price have been dropped by 40-50% as well! If you need help learning step by step or by replays, please email me at and let me know which one would you like to learn from. Can also…

Coaching Updated!

Oui~ New patch 8.16 Top Tier Lists will be up by tonight! Link to the patch note: See you soon~ –Youki

Patch 8.16