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Hello there! My name is Wayne. I go by Youki or Ki in Game id. Currently an owner of organization called DoV Esports since April 2005!

I am a former competitive Warcraft 3 player who have won 2 times Blizzard online tournament and have experience with various number of amateur/semipro leagues. Unfortunately due to hackers roaming around in Warcraft 3 and pro scene slowly dying out due to Starcraft 2 announcements, it was bound for everyone to retire or move on to elsewhere. I’ve moved onto Starcraft 2 and played the game for 3 years and lost in the challenger tournaments back in Summer 2013. That’s when I knew it’s time for me to call it a day, but I’ve discovered League of Legends by recommendation from my friends. I’ve started playing in Season 4, Hitting Gold 5 Soloq, and Diamond 4 in 3v3 Team ranks. Honestly I didn’t put as many effort as I did despite natural competitiveness. Hopefully to see an improvement as journey marches on!

My goal about my website is to help fellow gamers to improve on their game play knowledge, performance, and overall become a better person in and out! I hope my works can inspire you all!

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope I entertained you fellas enough to comeback again~!