2016 World League of Legends Group Bracket is out!




Hey guys!


Groups looking solid this year!

Too many people telling me about how SKT will fail and all that. I believe they’re wrong. SKT tend to shine when it matters most of the time. I believe they can pass the group stage as first seed. However, Flash Wolves can defeat SKT as usual. They seems to be their kryptonite.



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  • Group A: Obviously ROX Tigers as first place in the group. G2 and CLG will be fairly close but I think G2 will come up better. I can’t see Huhi winning midlane battle versus Perkz. Trick’s jungling style is very good as well. I don’t see Xmithie taking on Trick’s jungle unless they come up with crazy ultimate plan like MSI. Bot lane seems pretty close.  This group will be fun! (Insert NA / EU something something meme)


  • Group B: SKT might have been struggling but don’t underestimate them. You know what people say, never bet against SKT. Chances are they’re gonna upset you and win. 90%+ take your bets. And remember, Bengi is still available. For Cloud 9, I think they have a good plan. If Meteos steps up, I can see them taking second place. This World’s 6.18 patch will bring good varieties of jungle champions. Definitely Zac, Lee Sin, Vi, and Sejuani!


  • Group C: No doubt that Edward Gaming will take the first seed. Their team synergy and individual performances has been spectacular, but don’t forget last year though. People have said the same thing and guess what happened. However, they seems to fix the communication issues a whole lot better than last years so I can’t see them losing first place on group C. Ahq, very strong individually as well. H2K might have a chance if Forg1ven plays. Tough


  • Group D: Oh dear, this is gonna be insane…I know my group d predictions are so weird as hell but people seems to underestimate Samsung Galaxy. Sure they came from 3rd place seed in korea but remember..It’s LCK, the most competitive LoL league in the world. Plus Ambition is playing godlike atm. Do you think he’s going to lose jgling vs sven/Trashy/mlxg? Possible but unlikely. Still, in this group ANYTHINGS possible. Group of Death.

What’s your predictions? Feel free to msg me on league to discuss more or leave a comment here! League NA: Youki

See you soon~!