My current league ranking status (Personal)


Hey guys.

Early in advance, this is not related to the patch update. Just need to vent out my frustration of league games somewhere and this’ll be the best place to do so lol.

Feel free to ignore this section.

So, beginning of June to now, I’ve been demoted 11 times but still manage to stay in platinum. My win/loss rate is 40% below (7/18) in the last 25 games. 

I can’t figure out why exactly. Am I doing something wrong? Am I in ELO hell? I just blame myself in the end. Complaining in-game just makes it worst so it’s better to keep it to yourself or vent out with your mouth than typing to it. However, all these methods isn’t working out for me. I can’t dominate my lane like usual either (Me bragging >___<). I’m just too passive at the moment due to getting demoted 2 division and can’t back it up. I don’t think it’s tilting either…

Maybe I need to go through some major changes. My friend who I’ve been giving league lessons, have changed his entire role from mid/adc to support/jungle and now he went silver 5 to diamond 4 within 4 months.

Too clueless on what to do to improve my game play. I can motivate and help others yet I can’t help myself.

Maybe it’s time for me to stop playing overwatch and focus more on league.

If any of you readers have any suggestions, feel free to msg me at Youki @ NA server.

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Thank you for reading my blog as always ❤

Sweet dreams~


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