Preseason 6 info and starcraft 2


-Hello ladies and gentleman! These are the preseason 6 must ban list for your soloq/team rankrd games!

-So far,
Trynamere, Fiora, Kindred, Quinn, Graves and Yasuo.

-These champs fits too well in these new masteries without no bad benefits. Nerfs will be coming eventually.

~Will be updating daily so please comeby often!~


Now let’s talk about starcraft 2. 3 days ago new starcraft 2 expansion, legacy of the void, was released onto this world! Recently finishing the campaign and I must say, it was really fun. Did normals and some hard mode in the campaign like a noob, but honestly I just wanted to finish the campaign due to my limited free time.
After that I’ve tried a new feature called co-op campaign. It’s so good. I can’t wait for blizzard to release more heroes and maps! They also made automated daily tournaments like the good old warcraft 3 days.
The ladder is even better than I expected. Terran is still the weakest of course, but the game is so much fun. I feel like playing a brand new game again. Just like when I first got wings of liberty.
I will stick with league of legends in terms of competitiveness but since it’s preseason there, I will stick to starcraft for a bit! Maybe I’ll change my mind maybe. We’ll see how it go! Either way I’m really excited for both games. Very very happy!

That’s all for now! Thank you for visiting my blog as always!