Hi readers,

My bad!! I’m not as active as I was suppose to. I’ve been very very busy with work n personal stuff. Training new employees and such. Hope you guys understand the situations T_ T.

All besides r.l. stuff, now let’s talk about LoL. Season is ending within few weeks. I don’t think I’m gonna progress any further on any ranks unless our team goes on a huge win streak. I’m pretty happy with the results we got still. We did achieved our minor objectives. It was getting diamond in 3s team, platinum in 5s team. Only the achievement I wasn’t able to finish was platinum in soloq. There’s still time for it but I work double shift with a side of full time so I doubt it’ll be possible. Overall happy, 7.5/10.

Recently I have been playing a game called tales of zestiria during some free times at work. It reminds me of tales of vesperia. It’s so much fun! But then again, I’ve been always a big fan of jrpg from the very start anyways lol.

Well, that’s about it. Till next time~