Some good and bad news


Greetings, readers! How’s hot sizzling summer treating ya so far? It’s 92 degrees with humid here and I guess it’s similar for ya fellas as well.

Lots of stress going through, but I guess best you can do is try to forget, walk forward and hope for the best.

All sets asides, now let’s talk about my current League of Legends situations in 5vs5 Ranked Team.

For the past week, we’ve struggled as much as we were doing well. Our standards ratio is 2/1 or 3/1, but it has been about equally amount of wins/losses recently. Our top laner had some issues recently about matchups. Time to time it’s great, but things aren’t going so well. Unfortunately our support didn’t sync well with our ADC as well. In the end, we don’t think our new Top and Support player is gonna work for our 5v5 project to diamond.

As a final solution talk with my friend KingRush (Leaders), we will put our current ADC player to Top which where he shines more anyways. We put him on ADC because he was the best Marksman among us, but I think we can find ourselves a decent ADC player.

It sucks, but we have to do what’s our best for 5v5 Team. Not everything works out in the end, even if you wanted to. Just carry on brothas and sistahs! Raise your donger high!!!

One of today’s match for 3vs3 Ranked, we got promoted to Platinum II now yay! But look at how unfair the match up system for team ranked is: 

In the end we still won despite the imbalanced match up in 3v3/5v5 ranks. That’s not gonna stop us to get legit diamond status soon enough:

P.S. Get your Crayon.