Mid June Update


Greetings, fellow readers! It has been a while and hope you guys are having a great summer so far!

Life here has been alright. Just working my ass off at work and trying to play some league of legends by sacrificing my sleeping hours. Particularly 5v5 Ranked games so far. We made lots of changes in the past few weeks.

After playing in the gold 3 promos for the 5th time, we had to stop because it wasn’t leading us anywhere. After a day or two, we sat down and talked about why aren’t we able to progress? We found out that our top laner had laining issues (I guess tilting) and didn’t communicate with the team too well. We gaved a few more tried but nothing have changed in the end. So, eventually we had to bench our top laner. Shortly, we recruited a new top laner and so far it’s going alright. We hit gold 2 promos now and hope to win it as well. Soloq rank means nothing until you hit diamond 1 or 2. I’m only a silver 1 player but most of the time in 5v5 ranked games, my opposition lane’s rank is diamond 3~5. The tip to play good vs high ranks are never look at enemys rank at start. Always do your own thing and beat your opponent with your own skills.

Recently we also had to recruit a back up support player in our team due to our main support stopped playing all of sudden. I wish I knew what was the reason, but it could be personal so it’s best for us to stay back and let him have his space and see whether he’ll comeback or not. We always have space open for those who’s willing to improve, listen/communicate, and passion for the game. Our objective this season is to reach diamond in 5v5. Changes will be made despite I don’t want that to happen but even if it does, hope it’ll end with a good term from the both parties.

Now to update my latest mid champ pool: Morgana, Vel’Koz, Lux, Varus, Azir, Ahri, Leblanc, Ziggs, Kog’Maw

Well that’s all for now. Writing this on a phone was weird. Expect massive grammar error keke..