Snoopy, I remember the time when you first came to our house. You we’re so little and so cute! Not even 6 months old too! I took you out for a walk and you tried to pee on neighbor’s mailbox but I stopped you from doing it because I thought it was a bad thing to do but it was only because their dog pee’d on it so naturally any other doggos would try to pee on it as well.

Throughout the years, we had so much fun together. Hide and seek, tricks, and too much to think of. When Lucky came to us, despite not showing love and affection, we knew you loved her very much. Eventually we got to see wonderful many puppos in the next few years!

I have never imagined a life without both Lucky and you. But everything comes to it’s end. I once again regret that I didn’t do enough for you and Lucky. I will regret it rest of my life.

We will take good care of your puppos Snoopy. Lucky is waiting for you! I met her in my dream last night that she’s ready and very excited to spend time with you again.

Someday we will see each other again. I love you Snoopy, my brother from another mother.

Snoopy: June 7th 2003 ~ Oct 30th 2019