Riot Games 10 Year Anniversary


Greetings readers!

All I got to say is WOW!!! Riot Games OWNED the 10th-anniversary announcements with not just a new champion “Senna” but a staggering 6 new game announcement in ONE BROADCAST!!!

They really did it. The company is evolving from just Moba games into every genre as possible with preserving qualities at the same time! I’m super excited to try any of these new games out!

Here are the entire announcements in TL;DR format:

GAMES(While at it, these are in my ranking order!)

  1. LoL eSports Manager
  2. TFT Mobile
  3. Riot Card Game: Legends of Runeterra
  4. Riot FPS Game: Project A
  5. Riot Fighting Game: Project L
  6. LoL Mobile+Console Game: Wild Rift

League Related:

  1. Free rewards every day for 11 days (Starts at Oct 17th)
  2. Your Shop is back!
  3. Season 10 pre-season info: Rise of the Elementals
  4. Classic Normal URF
  5. Senna: New Champion that can be either ADC or Support
  6. Arabic language for LoL Client
  7. Fundraiser Skin: Dawnbringer Karma
  8. Spotify LoL Music Albums
  9. A brand new LoL Animated Series: Arcane
  10. Netflix Documentary about League

Riot Games:

  1. Board Game(s)
  2. MMORPG: Project F (Not enough info yet!)

FULL information via Video here:

Get hyped ladies and gentlemen.

We are in for a treat for the next few years!!!