DoV Worlds 2019 Pick’Em Event IS OUT!


Good afternoon!
It’s time you’ve all been waiting for, the **World’s 2019 Pick’em Prediction Event** is now officially open and ready to go!

How to participate?

Please use our DoV World 2019 Event Group link and register there,
After joining our group, go to and prediction your selections! You can change as much as you like until the deadline



Exactly 2 days and 11 hours from this post.
Note: Knockout Stage picks open on Oct 21st after Group Stages are complete.


Prize Pool

I believe last year was an any Ultimate Skin gift won by @・✧ Envy✧・#6367 . We’re upping our prize pool all thanks to our community and DoV players being amazing this year. So this year we’re ***DOUBLING THE PRIZE AND ADDING MORE*** compare to the last years.

Here’s the list: (NA Region only)

1st Place: 6500 RP PLUS +700 RP
2nd Place: 1300 RP Plus +80 RP
3rd Place: Standard Mystery Skin Gift and **Pat in the back POGGER



Q. Do you have to pay to enter?
A. Nope! All free! Only requirement is to be in our discord.

Q. Why are you doing this?
A. Because we love our community.

Q. What happens if I won but tied with somebody else?
A. You guys can either share the prize or negotiate with each other.

Have a nice day and hope you all participate in our World’s Pick’em Event this year!

P.S. We’re also having an another event within this month. Will be announced by next week!

See you soon!


Discord link: