Rest in Peace Lucky 7/6/04 – 11/3/18


Lucky, the first day you came into our place, you were just two years old. You’ve always loved everybody but always followed me and asked for a belly rub. You have never shown a negative side once, even during the ill phase, you always show brightness as best as you can but we knew you were suffering on the inside. The life is just too short…I love you so much Lucky. I wish we can live forever and always by each other’s side. Unfortunately, that’s not how life works…everything good comes to at its end. Having you leave by my side right in front of you was really tough, but I know you’re in a good place now. Please watch us from the above and give us protection. We will always remember you Lucky, I love you my Mama’s Girl the one and only Lucky Girl. It was too short and you’re leaving your husband who’s 15 years old and many puppies behind but as we promised, we will take care of them and promise me that you’ll take care of others who are already up there.


Thank you for the wonderful time that we’ll never forget. You brought us only happiness in the family. I love you Lucky, the family loves you. You’re no longer here in this world, but you’ll always ALWAYS be in our heart.


I will do my best from here on and become a person I’ve always wanted to me. I’m sorry I didn’t realize this sooner when you’re still around. I regret that I didn’t do enough things with you Lucky. This’ll regret will always be with me forever and I hope you can forgive me from up in Heaven.


My number one girl. Please watch us from the above and meet in my dream whenever you can.


I love you Lucky.