Patch 8.20 and more…


Hi readers!

I’m very sorry I haven’t been able to keep things up with the Top 10 Cheat Sheet.

I don’t like sharing my personal life experience but thought I’d want to share with you all that in the past 2 weeks, my dog have been very sick. Despite going to the vet and whatnot, her health isn’t getting any better. Yes, she’s old, she’s 14 years old for dog age. But she’s always been healthy and all of sudden she started struggling to eat, drink, walk, and all that. We’re doing everything we can and I hope she gets better soon.

She’s not just our dog or pet, she’s part of our family.

The Top 10 Cheat Sheet should be up sometime within the next week. Sorry again.

P.S. Thank you for sticking by despite the difficult times. ❤