DoV eSports


Yo yo yo!!!

I have created a team called DoV eSports while back and we are participating in the gold and below league called dokidokiesports. We recently have made it into the finals after taking down our opposition plus former starting midlaner. FeelsGoodMan 😀

A month ago we created an another team division called DoV Academy. They’re now called as DoV Blue and we changed DoV eSports into DoV Pink. We plan to create more teams with different colors, players, and perhaps different game itself.

Oh and one more things. My heads been hurting pretty badly last week starting Wednesday. The pain has gone away but the headache is still around but not as excruciating as last week. Hopefully it’ll disappear soon. Usually any pain goes away within a day or two but this ones been around for a while now and may have to go check up with the doc >_<.

That’s all for now.

See you soon~!

P.S. Interested in joining our team or discord community?