Pimp My Desk Results!


    Greetings lads and lass!!! 

It’s time to announce the contestant and winner for the Pimp My Desk Event!

Full information on the event: https://waynie.net/dov_event/





  • C9 Ecko:

    • Because simple is best and a monitor devoted to spotify is the only way to listen to music when playing games O.o.
    • eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2kuaW1ndXIuY29tL2hQdnAwdUFyLmpwZyJ9.jpg


  • Unstoppableforce:

    • Unstoppableforce PC Desk.jpg


  • Skoona:

    • 6fe4fba86f8163756297797196e6a6ed.jpg


  • Juls

    • I feel that my desk demonstrates the values in life. It showcases perseverance, cleanliness, passion and a will for the things to come. I am very grateful for all that I have acquired and I appreciate the thought that goes into things, such as my desk. Now bow down to your queen filthy peasants.
    • Juls PC Desk.jpg
    • the one behind it all - maybe if i post a pic of myself itll raise my odds of winning - juls.jpg


  • Office:

    • Most mobile gaming table in NA. Hyper jump can TP anywhere on the map!!!
    • Elite Hyperion Battlestation #3.jpg


  • Kat Jung:

    • This is the life of a college student, inspired by office legend himself (aka) battlecrusier captain. Juls is also jealous of my insane mechanical lee sin skills.
    • 20170530_175750.jpg
    • best drawing.png





    After receiving the feedback from the judges, it turns out..it’s a tie with 3 points total for Office and Juls. Here’s the full results (10 Point System):

  1. JulsOffice: 3 Points (x2 = 6 Points)
  2. Kat Jung: 2 Points
  3. C9 EckoSkoona: 1 Points (x2 = 2 Points)
  4. Unstoppableforce: 0 Points

Once again, thank you all for participating!

Don’t forget to join the 1vs1 DoV Showdown Tournament! More information at: https://waynie.net/dov_event/ (June-July Event Section)