February DoV Event Informations


NOW OFFICIALLY LISTED ON PAGE: https://youki.org/dov_event/

UPDATE: 2/11/2017


Hey guys!

DoV february event wil be up within next week. There will be 3 events total this month and everybody can participate. Prizes will be TBA and if say a participant wins all 3 event will receive an Ultimate Skin on your choice.

  1. Lottery Event: Pick a number between 1~500 and it will be rolled until the winner gets picked!
  2. Bake Off: Make a homemade food and post a video/pictures to me and my judge will decide the winner. Doesn’t matter how or what you make it. It will be judged by how it looks in terms of creativity. Go Wild!
  3. Send me your most impressive Ranked stats such as Overall K/D/A, In-Game time (example: 13 min game end, or 2hr+ game etc) or surprise me! Send me a URL of the game to Youki@NA or ggYouki@gmail.com. 


Event registration/Sign up will end on 2/23/17. Results will be up following next day or two.



  1. Lottery Event: 2 Mystery Gift, 1 975RP Mystery Gift or 975 Skin on your choice
  2. Bake Off: 2 Mystery Gift
  3. Ranked Stats: 3 Mystery Gift, 1350 RP Skin on your choice

Note: Skin picks are only 


Note: To make the event prize even better, feel free to donate here and I’ll use it on the prize rewards: https://twitch.streamlabs.com/waynewsc

Thank you and may the best player wins!