League of Legends Season 7 Patch 7.2 informations and Champion Pick and Ban Cheat Sheet List!


Edited: Feb 3rd, 2017


     Hoi gois! Patch 7.2 is here woohoo. It’s already almost end of January. Time sure flies doesn’t it? Well, time to make the best out of it before February comes by! Anyway’s here’s the TL;DR:




Note: Despite the nerfs on 3 champions, they’re still good and shouldn’t be underestimate it.

-=Patch 7.2 Pick and Ban Cheat Sheet=-

  • TOP: Nautilus, Sion, Maokai, Fiora, Camille, Swain, Jayce, Kled, Akali, Jarvan IV

  • JUNGLE: Rengar, Kha’Zix, Lee’Sin, Rek’Sai (Bruiser/Tank Hybrid), Vi, Ivern, Hecarim, Shaco, Master Yi

  • MIDDLE: Leblanc, Corki, Orianna, Taliyah, Katarina, Ahri, Ryze, Ekko, Lux, Lulu

  • MARKSMAN: Varus, Ashe, Draven, Twitch, Ezreal, Jhin (In that order)

  • SUPPORT: Malzahar, Brand, Zyra, Janna, Sona, Thresh, Leona

Note: Will be updated every 2-3 days!

Note: Ziggs Meta has gone away for now.


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