League of Legends Patch 6.22 informations and Top Champions Pick and Ban list





     Season 6 is over and looks like we’re in a experiment phase before pre-season 7 begins!

     This patch is the biggest patch of all in season 6 patch in terms of major changes. Majority Assassin changes though, this’ll be terrible time for both immobile mages and adcarries :(.

     Here’s the link: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-622-notes

     Now let’s get down for “what’s the important” for this patch~


  • Talon: Can now jump (E) over any nearest structures. Can’t run from him for sure once he got you on his sights.
  • Katarina: After using Q, you can pick her dagger again causing additional AoE damage. E now targets an arena of the targetted unit/champions.
  • Leblanc: Q now does what Ryze’s E do. R now creates a copy of herself that plays around automatically instead of using your spell twice.
  • Rengar: Q is now AoE, 4 Stacked W can now gives you a free QSS, and his Ult can now see enemies further. Season 4 SSW Rengar is cominggg
  • Fizz: His R now gets bigger as it travels further. Literally a size of a 3 second Aurelion Sol Q spell casted value.
  • Kha’Zix: Better evolves and W gives 80% to isolated targets.
  • Akali: Can now heal with her passive. Her W teleports akali around the cast location. Real Ninja
  • Zed: Now gains a portion of the attack damage from the champions he killed with Death Mark. BAN HIM!!!
  • Ekko: Slow Passive is gone but Q and R gains a decent buff.
  • Shaco: After his clone (R) dies out, it creates an Illuminati Boxes around him.
  • Alistar: His E now does aoe dmg around him. No longer heals. Possible Jg/Top Alistar incoming?



  • Locket of the Iron Solari: All passive removed. Only an Active item now, but still decent.
  • Redemption: *NEW* item. Must have for range/heal/sustain support.
  • Knight’s Vow: *NEW* item. Can activate and take additional damage from your partnered champions. Must have it for tank support.




Tier 2:

Fresh Blood: Gives additional 10 +1 per lvl dmg (6 sec cooldown). Excellent for those auto poking champions.

Tier 4:

Bounty Hunter: 1.5% increased dmg for each unique champions you killed. 

Double Edged Sword: Now it does 5% additional dmg and takes 2.5% additional dmg. Take Risk, Get Rewards.

Battle Trance: Gain up to 5% increased dmg over 5 sec while in a combat. Probably best mastery of these 3 for Marksman and Fighter Melees.


Tier 4:

Greenfather’s Gift: In-brush gives you additional 3% bonus dmg/spell of your target’s health as bonus magic damage. Rengar’s dream come true. Also Twisted Treeline.


Tier 2:

Siegemaster: Gains 8 Armor/MR near allied towers. Must have for Top lane champs that will get pushed towards their towers beginning of the game.

Tier 4:

Fearless: Gain 10% +2 per lvl bonus Armor/MR when damaged by an enemy champ for 2 second. (9 sec cooldown) Another excellent Tank champion mastery.


Courage of the Colossus: Ultimate tank keystone. Highly recommend it for those Tanks that have CC’s. Sion and Poppys wet dream lol.


Note: Since this is just a experimenting time before the pre-season begins, I will not be adding the top pick and ban lists. Happy experimenting ^_^

See you soon~