The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky


    Off topic from league. I’ve been playing The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky during my free time at work and when I can’t play league of legends.

I admit, at first I didn’t liked it at all. I’m too use to fancy graphic jrpg games and I didn’t play again for a good 3-4 months after playing about first 10 minute of the game. I hate judging things by cover so on my off day, I’ve decided to give it a go and it was an amazing experience. Couldn’t stop playing the game. Sometimes I stayed up playing it till 3 a.m. on weekdays T_T rip sleep.

After finishing the first series, the game just makes you want to play the second one right away. Second one was much harder than first one but even more exciting! I will not add details about the game too much. Spoilers are no good. 

Overall I give 9.8/10. The only reason why I can’t give 10/10 despite the story line and game play was staggering, the fps was locked in 30 and it gaved me lag despite I have high end pc. 

Highly recommended it for those who want to continue playing jrpg or just getting into jrpg.