Things to catch up


Greetings readers! How ya been?

December has been up and down so far. In terms of personal life, it hasn’t been too well unfortunately. I guess that applies to my gaming life as well lol. Oh well, just gotta embrace and keep on carrying.

Anyways, things to catch up? What I meant by that was to finish up certain things I’ve been not able to do in the past. Gonna list them up so I won’t forget it:

-Finish all cowboy bebop episodes

-Catch up with running man from 2015 Spring episodes to present.

-Watch Reply 1998

-Lupin the 3rd episodes

-Finish watching Inuyasha after season 2.

Can’t think of anything else for now.

Thanks for reading this useless blog part from me lol.

Btw I’ve updated 5.24 patch Champion pick and ban in the previous blog. Please check it out!

And thank you for checking my blog as always.