Greetings readers!


It’s been a while readers. How’s it going? If you’re wondering, it’s good here. I now have a cat and she’s being checked out by the vet right now. She’s a stray cat that needed help since her mother never came back for her. Fed her for a few days until one day she started following me. So I’ve decided to take her home despite I’ve never owned a cat before. Guess it’s a new chapter for me. She has adjusted really well and very happy at home so she’s here to stay!

Besides my last week’s life story, now let’s talk about league story. Don’t get to play much nowadays. Maybe a good 1 or 2 a day average. Not consistent enough.
Beginning of october, gonna be even busier than freaking 70hr a week shift lol. If I do have to stop playing, I guess getting diamond achievement was met but never played enough to see how far I could’ve went. My only regret.

Oh wells.
See ya again readers.

Thanks for reading as always ❤