Soloq/5s OP champ pool update 9/3/15


^These are first and second tier soloq and 5s Ranked^

¤ Top: Darius, Fiora, Gangplank, Shen, Maokai, Malphite

¤ Jungle: Skarner, Elise, Ekko, Olaf, Gragas, Reksai

¤ Middle: Viktor, Yasuo, Azir (Still strong enough even after the Q nerf), Orianna, Diana, Zed

¤ Marksman: Kalista, Tristana, Sivir, Vayne, Ashe

¤ Support: Braum, Bard, Thresh, Alistar

***If I had to pick one from each lane for current #1 choice it’ll be…

¤ Top: Darius
¤ Jungle: Skarner
¤ Middle: Viktor
¤ Marksman: Tristana
¤ Support: Braum

~Not so popular Op Soloq champs~:

¤ Top: Yorick (Try outsustaining him), Tahm Kench (Also nearly impossible to outsustain him. He’ll eat you and you lose instant 30% of ur health…thats what it feels like at least)

¤ Jungle: Xin Zhao (Seriously..people should pick him in soloq. Get devourer and you can auto and q to kill enemy’s adc faster than any other jungler out there. Plus free knockups. Can’t beat that.)

¤ Middle: Swain (Underrated. Can cc, healself and sametime out trade opponent if equally engaged. Solid)

¤ Marksman: Draven (Ask him)

¤ Support: Leona (You can get caught and still get away thanks to her general tankiness or engage with ur adc if you get pulled, caught or stunned. She has it all for a support)

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