Welcome to my blog!


Hello there! My name is Wayne. I go by Youki or Ki in Game id.

I am a former competitive Warcraft 3 player who have won 2 times Blizzard online tournament  and have experience with various number of amateur/semipro leagues. Unfortunately due to hackers roaming around in Warcraft 3 and pro scene slowly dying out due to Starcraft 2  announcements, it was bound for everyone to retire or move on to elsewhere. I’ve moved onto Starcraft 2 and played the game for 3 years and lost in the challenger tournaments back in Summer 2013. That’s when I knew it’s time for me to call it a day and stop playing games altogether, but I’ve discovered League of Legends by recommendation from my friends. I’ve started playing in Season 4, Hitting Gold 5 Soloq, and Diamond in 3v3 Team ranks. Honestly I didn’t put as many effort as I did despite natural competitiveness. Hopefully I’ll see an improvement as journey marches on!

The reason why I’m making a blog is because It’s part of my 2015 resolution and help improve gamers to become a better gamer as a whole rather than just Gameplays. (P.S. I’m terrible at grammars. Sorry readers!)

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope I entertained you fellas enough to comeback again!


P.S. Take a nice deep breath, let it out, and watch this

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN_8R_vN3rI ^_^~